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Cryptfs Password Manager

Android device encryption password manager app. Lets you changes the Android disk encryption password. Essentially the same as

 # vdc cryptfs changepw <newpassword>

but easier to use and slightly more foolproof. Requires root access.

For Lollipop (5.x):

# vdc cryptfs changepw password <passphrase in hex>

For Marshmallow (6.0):

# vdc cryptfs changepw password <passphrase>

You may also need to relax the SELinux policy in order to see the output of this command. If you have a recent SuperSU installed, you can use the command below:

# supolicy --live 'allow vdc devpts chr_file {read write getattr ioctl}'


If you forget the new password after you change it, you will not be able to boot the device. You will have to perform a factory reset, DELETING all your data. Make sure you take a full backup before using this tool, and REMEMBER THE PASSWORD. You have been warned, use at your own risk!

Why and how to use this

Lollipop: On Android 5.0+ devices with hardware-backed keystore support the decryption key is bound to the device, so a simple unlock password is not necessarily easily crackable. Details here:

Also see:

CyanogenMod 11: CM11 has a built-in system UI for setting the encryption password, so you do not need this tool. That said, it should work fine on CM11, but it may not work on CM12.

CyanogenMod 13: CM13 (and some vendors, most notably LG) seems to have changed the syntax of the cryptfs utility. Using the wrong syntax might render your data useless, exercise caution.

Usage: cryptfs changepw default|password|pin|pattern [currentpasswd] default|password|pin|pattern [newpasswd]

Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) introduced disk encryption and it has been available on all subsequent versions. It encrypts the data partition with a key protected by a user-selected password and requires entering the password in order to boot the device. However, Android uses the device unlock password or PIN as the device encryption password, and doesn't allow you to change them independently. This effectively forces you to use a simple password, since you have to enter it each time you unlock your device, usually dozens of times a day. This tool allows you to change the encryption password to a more secure one, without affecting the screen unlock password/PIN. To change the device encryption password simply:

  1. Enter the current password (initially the same as the unlock password/PIN)
  2. Enter and confirm the new password
  3. Hit 'Change password'

(If you are using a pattern lock (5.0+), enter the dots as a sequence of numbers, where '1' is top left and '9' -- bottom right.)

The changes take effect immediately, but you will only be required to enter the new password the next time you boot your device. Make sure you choose a good password, not based on a dictionary word, since automated tools can brute force a simple password in minutes. Above all, make sure you REMEMBER the new password.

If you change the device unlock password/PIN, the encryption password will be automatically changed as well. You need to use this tool again to change it back, if required.

Once Android adds an official way (system UI) to change the passwords independently, this tool will no longer be needed. Star this issue if you want this to happen:

How to get it

The app is also available in the Google Play Store:


Borrows some code from, under the WTFPL license.

Tip jar

Bitcoin: 1DXhWFS9SL78GGyX7Luao9EuP5SxtDiPG1


Android device encryption password manager




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