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#line 1
package Module::Install::Win32;
use strict;
use Module::Install::Base;
use vars qw{$VERSION @ISA $ISCORE};
$VERSION = '0.72';
@ISA = qw{Module::Install::Base};
$ISCORE = 1;
# determine if the user needs nmake, and download it if needed
sub check_nmake {
my $self = shift;
require Config;
return unless (
$^O eq 'MSWin32' and
$Config::Config{make} and
$Config::Config{make} =~ /^nmake\b/i and
! $self->can_run('nmake')
print "The required 'nmake' executable not found, fetching it...\n";
require File::Basename;
my $rv = $self->get_file(
url => '',
ftp_url => '',
local_dir => File::Basename::dirname($^X),
size => 51928,
run => 'Nmake15.exe /o > nul',
check_for => 'Nmake.exe',
remove => 1,
die <<'END_MESSAGE' unless $rv;
Since you are using Microsoft Windows, you will need the 'nmake' utility
before installation. It's available at:
Please download the file manually, save it to a directory in %PATH% (e.g.
C:\WINDOWS\COMMAND\), then launch the MS-DOS command line shell, "cd" to
that directory, and run "Nmake15.exe" from there; that will create the
'nmake.exe' file needed by this module.
You may then resume the installation process described in README.
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