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#define OWL_PERL
#include "owl.h"
#undef WINDOW
#include <unistd.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#undef instr
#include <curses.h>
owl_global g;
int numtests;
int owl_regtest(void);
int owl_util_regtest(void);
int owl_dict_regtest(void);
int owl_variable_regtest(void);
int owl_filter_regtest(void);
int owl_obarray_regtest(void);
int owl_editwin_regtest(void);
extern void owl_perl_xs_init(pTHX);
int main(int argc, char **argv, char **env)
FILE *rnull;
FILE *wnull;
char *perlerr;
int status = 0;
if (argc <= 1) {
fprintf(stderr, "Usage: %s --builtin|TEST.t|-le CODE\n", argv[0]);
return 1;
/* initialize a fake ncurses, detached from std{in,out} */
wnull = fopen("/dev/null", "w");
rnull = fopen("/dev/null", "r");
newterm("xterm", wnull, rnull);
/* initialize global structures */
perlerr = owl_perlconfig_initperl(NULL, &argc, &argv, &env);
if (perlerr) {
fprintf(stderr, "Internal perl error: %s\n", perlerr);
status = 1;
goto out;
owl_view_create(owl_global_get_current_view(&g), "main",
owl_global_get_filter(&g, "all"),
owl_global_get_style_by_name(&g, "default"));
if (strcmp(argv[1], "--builtin") == 0) {
status = owl_regtest();
} else if (strcmp(argv[1], "-le") == 0 && argc > 2) {
* 'prove' runs its harness perl with '-le CODE' to get some
* information out.
eval_pv(argv[2], true);
} else {
sv_setpv(get_sv("0", false), argv[1]);
sv_setpv(get_sv("main::test_prog", TRUE), argv[1]);
eval_pv("do $main::test_prog; die($@) if($@)", true);
status = 0;
/* probably not necessary, but tear down the screen */
return status;
int owl_regtest(void) {
numtests = 0;
int numfailures=0;
numfailures += owl_util_regtest();
numfailures += owl_dict_regtest();
numfailures += owl_variable_regtest();
numfailures += owl_filter_regtest();
numfailures += owl_editwin_regtest();
if (numfailures) {
fprintf(stderr, "# *** WARNING: %d failures total\n", numfailures);
printf("1..%d\n", numtests);
#define FAIL_UNLESS(desc,pred) do { int __pred = (pred); \
numtests++; \
printf("%s %s", (__pred)?"ok":(numfailed++,"not ok"), desc); \
if(!(__pred)) printf("\t(%s:%d)", __FILE__, __LINE__); printf("%c", '\n'); } while(0)
int owl_util_regtest(void)
int numfailed=0;
printf("# BEGIN testing owl_util\n");
FAIL_UNLESS("owl_util_substitute 1",
!strcmp("foo", owl_text_substitute("foo", "", "Y")));
FAIL_UNLESS("owl_text_substitute 2",
!strcmp("fYZYZ", owl_text_substitute("foo", "o", "YZ")));
FAIL_UNLESS("owl_text_substitute 3",
!strcmp("foo", owl_text_substitute("fYZYZ", "YZ", "o")));
FAIL_UNLESS("owl_text_substitute 4",
!strcmp("/u/foo/meep", owl_text_substitute("~/meep", "~", "/u/foo")));
FAIL_UNLESS("skiptokens 1",
!strcmp("bar quux", skiptokens("foo bar quux", 1)));
FAIL_UNLESS("skiptokens 2",
!strcmp("meep", skiptokens("foo 'bar quux' meep", 2)));
FAIL_UNLESS("expand_tabs 1",
!strcmp(" hi", owl_text_expand_tabs("\thi")));
FAIL_UNLESS("expand_tabs 2",
!strcmp(" hi\nword tab", owl_text_expand_tabs("\thi\nword\ttab")));
FAIL_UNLESS("expand_tabs 3",
!strcmp(" 2 tabs", owl_text_expand_tabs("\t\t2 tabs")));
FAIL_UNLESS("expand_tabs 4",
!strcmp("α ααααααα! ", owl_text_expand_tabs("α\tααααααα!\t")));
FAIL_UNLESS("expand_tabs 5",
!strcmp("A AAA!! ", owl_text_expand_tabs("\tAAA!!\t")));
FAIL_UNLESS("skiptokens 1",
!strcmp("world", skiptokens("hello world", 1)));
FAIL_UNLESS("skiptokens 2",
!strcmp("c d e", skiptokens("a b c d e", 2)));
FAIL_UNLESS("skiptokens 3",
!strcmp("\"b\" c d e", skiptokens("a \"b\" c d e", 1)));
FAIL_UNLESS("skiptokens 4",
!strcmp("c d e", skiptokens("a \"b\" c d e", 2)));
FAIL_UNLESS("skiptokens 5",
!strcmp("c d e", skiptokens("a \"'\" c d e", 2)));
/* if (numfailed) printf("*** WARNING: failures encountered with owl_util\n"); */
printf("# END testing owl_util (%d failures)\n", numfailed);
int owl_dict_regtest(void) {
owl_dict d;
owl_list l;
int numfailed=0;
char *av="aval", *bv="bval", *cv="cval", *dv="dval";
printf("# BEGIN testing owl_dict\n");
FAIL_UNLESS("create", 0==owl_dict_create(&d));
FAIL_UNLESS("insert b", 0==owl_dict_insert_element(&d, "b", bv, owl_dict_noop_delete));
FAIL_UNLESS("insert d", 0==owl_dict_insert_element(&d, "d", dv, owl_dict_noop_delete));
FAIL_UNLESS("insert a", 0==owl_dict_insert_element(&d, "a", av, owl_dict_noop_delete));
FAIL_UNLESS("insert c", 0==owl_dict_insert_element(&d, "c", cv, owl_dict_noop_delete));
FAIL_UNLESS("reinsert d (no replace)", -2==owl_dict_insert_element(&d, "d", dv, 0));
FAIL_UNLESS("find a", av==owl_dict_find_element(&d, "a"));
FAIL_UNLESS("find b", bv==owl_dict_find_element(&d, "b"));
FAIL_UNLESS("find c", cv==owl_dict_find_element(&d, "c"));
FAIL_UNLESS("find d", dv==owl_dict_find_element(&d, "d"));
FAIL_UNLESS("find e (non-existent)", NULL==owl_dict_find_element(&d, "e"));
FAIL_UNLESS("remove d", dv==owl_dict_remove_element(&d, "d"));
FAIL_UNLESS("find d (post-removal)", NULL==owl_dict_find_element(&d, "d"));
FAIL_UNLESS("get_size", 3==owl_dict_get_size(&d));
FAIL_UNLESS("get_keys", 0==owl_dict_get_keys(&d, &l));
FAIL_UNLESS("get_keys result size", 3==owl_list_get_size(&l));
/* these assume the returned keys are sorted */
FAIL_UNLESS("get_keys result val",0==strcmp("a",owl_list_get_element(&l,0)));
FAIL_UNLESS("get_keys result val",0==strcmp("b",owl_list_get_element(&l,1)));
FAIL_UNLESS("get_keys result val",0==strcmp("c",owl_list_get_element(&l,2)));
owl_list_cleanup(&l, owl_free);
owl_dict_cleanup(&d, NULL);
/* if (numfailed) printf("*** WARNING: failures encountered with owl_dict\n"); */
printf("# END testing owl_dict (%d failures)\n", numfailed);
int owl_variable_regtest(void) {
owl_vardict vd;
int numfailed=0;
char buf[1024];
const void *v;
printf("# BEGIN testing owl_variable\n");
FAIL_UNLESS("setup", 0==owl_variable_dict_setup(&vd));
FAIL_UNLESS("get bool", 0==owl_variable_get_bool(&vd,"rxping"));
FAIL_UNLESS("get bool (no such)", -1==owl_variable_get_bool(&vd,"mumble"));
FAIL_UNLESS("get bool as string 1", 0==owl_variable_get_tostring(&vd,"rxping", buf, 1024));
FAIL_UNLESS("get bool as string 2", 0==strcmp(buf,"off"));
FAIL_UNLESS("set bool 1", 0==owl_variable_set_bool_on(&vd,"rxping"));
FAIL_UNLESS("get bool 2", 1==owl_variable_get_bool(&vd,"rxping"));
FAIL_UNLESS("set bool 3", 0==owl_variable_set_fromstring(&vd,"rxping","off",0,0));
FAIL_UNLESS("get bool 4", 0==owl_variable_get_bool(&vd,"rxping"));
FAIL_UNLESS("set bool 5", -1==owl_variable_set_fromstring(&vd,"rxping","xxx",0,0));
FAIL_UNLESS("get bool 6", 0==owl_variable_get_bool(&vd,"rxping"));
FAIL_UNLESS("get string", 0==strcmp("~/zlog/people", owl_variable_get_string(&vd,"logpath")));
FAIL_UNLESS("set string 7", 0==owl_variable_set_string(&vd,"logpath","whee"));
FAIL_UNLESS("get string", 0==strcmp("whee", owl_variable_get_string(&vd,"logpath")));
FAIL_UNLESS("get int", 8==owl_variable_get_int(&vd,"typewinsize"));
FAIL_UNLESS("get int (no such)", -1==owl_variable_get_int(&vd,"mmble"));
FAIL_UNLESS("get int as string 1", 0==owl_variable_get_tostring(&vd,"typewinsize", buf, 1024));
FAIL_UNLESS("get int as string 2", 0==strcmp(buf,"8"));
FAIL_UNLESS("set int 1", 0==owl_variable_set_int(&vd,"typewinsize",12));
FAIL_UNLESS("get int 2", 12==owl_variable_get_int(&vd,"typewinsize"));
FAIL_UNLESS("set int 1b", -1==owl_variable_set_int(&vd,"typewinsize",-3));
FAIL_UNLESS("get int 2b", 12==owl_variable_get_int(&vd,"typewinsize"));
FAIL_UNLESS("set int 3", 0==owl_variable_set_fromstring(&vd,"typewinsize","9",0,0));
FAIL_UNLESS("get int 4", 9==owl_variable_get_int(&vd,"typewinsize"));
FAIL_UNLESS("set int 5", -1==owl_variable_set_fromstring(&vd,"typewinsize","xxx",0,0));
FAIL_UNLESS("set int 6", -1==owl_variable_set_fromstring(&vd,"typewinsize","",0,0));
FAIL_UNLESS("get int 7", 9==owl_variable_get_int(&vd,"typewinsize"));
owl_variable_dict_newvar_string(&vd, "stringvar", "", "", "testval");
FAIL_UNLESS("get new string var", NULL != (v = owl_variable_get(&vd, "stringvar", OWL_VARIABLE_STRING)));
FAIL_UNLESS("get new string val", !strcmp("testval", owl_variable_get_string(&vd, "stringvar")));
owl_variable_set_string(&vd, "stringvar", "new val");
FAIL_UNLESS("update string val", !strcmp("new val", owl_variable_get_string(&vd, "stringvar")));
owl_variable_dict_newvar_int(&vd, "intvar", "", "", 47);
FAIL_UNLESS("get new int var", NULL != (v = owl_variable_get(&vd, "intvar", OWL_VARIABLE_INT)));
FAIL_UNLESS("get new int val", 47 == owl_variable_get_int(&vd, "intvar"));
owl_variable_set_int(&vd, "intvar", 17);
FAIL_UNLESS("update bool val", 17 == owl_variable_get_int(&vd, "intvar"));
owl_variable_dict_newvar_bool(&vd, "boolvar", "", "", 1);
FAIL_UNLESS("get new bool var", NULL != (v = owl_variable_get(&vd, "boolvar", OWL_VARIABLE_BOOL)));
FAIL_UNLESS("get new bool val", owl_variable_get_bool(&vd, "boolvar"));
owl_variable_set_bool_off(&vd, "boolvar");
FAIL_UNLESS("update string val", !owl_variable_get_bool(&vd, "boolvar"));
/* if (numfailed) printf("*** WARNING: failures encountered with owl_variable\n"); */
printf("# END testing owl_variable (%d failures)\n", numfailed);
static int owl_filter_test_string(const char *filt, const owl_message *m, int shouldmatch)
owl_filter *f;
int ok;
int failed = 0;
if ((f = owl_filter_new_fromstring("test-filter", filt)) == NULL) {
printf("not ok can't parse %s\n", filt);
failed = 1;
goto out;
ok = owl_filter_message_match(f, m);
if((shouldmatch && !ok) || (!shouldmatch && ok)) {
printf("not ok match %s (got %d, expected %d)\n", filt, ok, shouldmatch);
failed = 1;
if(!failed) {
printf("ok %s %s\n", shouldmatch ? "matches" : "doesn't match", filt);
return failed;
int owl_filter_regtest(void) {
int numfailed=0;
owl_message m;
owl_filter *f1, *f2, *f3, *f4, *f5;
g.filterlist = NULL;
owl_message_set_class(&m, "owl");
owl_message_set_instance(&m, "tester");
owl_message_set_sender(&m, "owl-user");
owl_message_set_recipient(&m, "joe");
owl_message_set_attribute(&m, "foo", "bar");
#define TEST_FILTER(f, e) do { \
numtests++; \
numfailed += owl_filter_test_string(f, &m, e); \
} while(0)
TEST_FILTER("true", 1);
TEST_FILTER("false", 0);
TEST_FILTER("( true )", 1);
TEST_FILTER("not false", 1);
TEST_FILTER("( true ) or ( false )", 1);
TEST_FILTER("true and false", 0);
TEST_FILTER("( true or true ) or ( ( false ) )", 1);
TEST_FILTER("class owl", 1);
TEST_FILTER("class ^owl$", 1);
TEST_FILTER("instance test", 1);
TEST_FILTER("instance ^test$", 0);
TEST_FILTER("instance ^tester$", 1);
TEST_FILTER("foo bar", 1);
TEST_FILTER("class owl and instance tester", 1);
TEST_FILTER("type ^zephyr$ and direction ^in$ and ( class ^owl$ or instance ^owl$ )", 1);
/* Order of operations and precedence */
TEST_FILTER("not true or false", 0);
TEST_FILTER("true or true and false", 0);
TEST_FILTER("true and true and false or true", 1);
TEST_FILTER("false and false or true", 1);
TEST_FILTER("true and false or false", 0);
f1 = owl_filter_new_fromstring("f1", "class owl");
owl_global_add_filter(&g, f1);
TEST_FILTER("filter f1", 1);
owl_global_remove_filter(&g, "f1");
/* Test recursion prevention */
FAIL_UNLESS("self reference", (f2 = owl_filter_new_fromstring("test", "filter test")) == NULL);
/* mutual recursion */
f3 = owl_filter_new_fromstring("f3", "filter f4");
owl_global_add_filter(&g, f3);
FAIL_UNLESS("mutual recursion", (f4 = owl_filter_new_fromstring("f4", "filter f3")) == NULL);
owl_global_remove_filter(&g, "f3");
/* support referencing a filter several times */
FAIL_UNLESS("DAG", (f5 = owl_filter_new_fromstring("dag", "filter f1 or filter f1")) != NULL);
return 0;
int owl_editwin_regtest(void) {
int numfailed = 0;
const char *p;
printf("# BEGIN testing owl_editwin\n");
owl_editwin *oe;
oe = owl_editwin_new(NULL, 80, 80, OWL_EDITWIN_STYLE_MULTILINE, NULL);
/* TODO: make the strings a little more lenient w.r.t trailing whitespace */
/* check paragraph fill */
owl_editwin_insert_string(oe, "blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah.\n\nblah");
p = owl_editwin_get_text(oe);
FAIL_UNLESS("text was correctly wrapped", p && !strcmp(p, "blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah\n"
"blah blah blah.\n"
owl_editwin_delete(oe); oe = NULL;
oe = owl_editwin_new(NULL, 80, 80, OWL_EDITWIN_STYLE_MULTILINE, NULL);
/* check that lines ending with ". " correctly fill */
owl_editwin_insert_string(oe, "blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. \n\nblah");
p = owl_editwin_get_text(oe);
FAIL_UNLESS("text was correctly wrapped", p && !strcmp(p, "blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah\n"
"blah blah blah. \n"
owl_editwin_delete(oe); oe = NULL;
printf("# END testing owl_editwin (%d failures)\n", numfailed);
return numfailed;
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