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#ifndef __BCPU_H__
#define __BCPU_H__
#include <stdint.h>
#include "bdecode.h"
#define PC_SUPERVISOR ((uint32_t)0x80000000)
#define ISR_RESET (PC_SUPERVISOR | 0x00000000)
#define ISR_ILLOP (PC_SUPERVISOR | 0x00000004)
#define ISR_CLK (PC_SUPERVISOR | 0x00000008)
#define ISR_KBD (PC_SUPERVISOR | 0x0000000C)
#define ISR_MOUSE (PC_SUPERVISOR | 0x00000010)
/* Interrupt flags in 'pending_interrupts' */
#define INT_CLK 0x0001
#define INT_KBD 0x0002
#define INT_MOUSE 0x0004
* We address memory by words, internally, but the beta uses
* byte-addressing, even though it only supports aligned access
#define BYTE2WORDADDR(addr) ((addr) >> 2)
#define WORD2BYTEADDR(addr) ((addr) << 2)
/* Typedefs to hopefully make it clear which we're using */
typedef uint32_t byteptr;
typedef uint32_t wordptr;
#define XP 30
#define SP 29
#define BP 27
class beta_cpu {
/* This layout is hard-coded into bt.S */
uint32_t regs[32];
uint32_t PC;
uint32_t halt;
uint32_t *memory;
uint32_t memsize;
uint32_t segment;
uint32_t pending_interrupts;
uint32_t inst_count;
uint32_t opcode_counts[256];
void process_interrupt();
void reset();
void execute_one(bdecode *decode);
void step_one();
inline uint32_t read_mem32(byteptr addr) {
if((addr & ~PC_SUPERVISOR) >= memsize) {
panic("Illegal memory reference %08x", addr);
return memory[BYTE2WORDADDR(addr & ~PC_SUPERVISOR)];
inline void write_mem32(byteptr addr, uint32_t val) {
if((addr & ~PC_SUPERVISOR) >= memsize) {
panic("Illegal memory write %08x", addr);
memory[BYTE2WORDADDR(addr & ~PC_SUPERVISOR)] = val;
inline void set_interrupt(int i) {
pending_interrupts |= i;
inline void clear_interrupt(int i) {
pending_interrupts &= ~i;
inline void write_reg(beta_reg reg, uint32_t val)
regs[reg] = val;
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