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#!/usr/bin/env perl
use strict;
use warnings;
Test parsing of scalar types
use Test::More tests => 16;
use Symbol;
use Data::SExpression;
my $ds = Data::SExpression->new();
can_ok($ds, 'read');
is(scalar $ds->read('123'), 123, "Read int ok");
is(scalar $ds->read('-32'), -32, "Negative number ok");
is(scalar $ds->read('1.5'), 1.5, "Decimal ok");
is(scalar $ds->read('"Hello, World"'), "Hello, World", "Read string OK");
is(scalar $ds->read('"Hello, \"World\""'), "Hello, \"World\"", "Escaped backslashes OK");
is(scalar $ds->read('""'), "", "Empty string OK");
cmp_ok(scalar $ds->read('foobar'), "==", qualify_to_ref('foobar', 'main'), "Read symbol OK");
cmp_ok(scalar $ds->read('foo!'), "==", qualify_to_ref('foo!','main'), "Weird symbol OK");
is(scalar $ds->read(q{
;; A comment
}), 7, "Skipped comment");
is(scalar $ds->read('+'), qualify_to_ref('+'), "Read '+' symbol");
is(scalar $ds->read(q{
}), "foo\nbar\n", "LF is OK");
is(scalar $ds->read(q{
}), "\n\n", "LF is OK (2)");
is(scalar $ds->read(q{
";; not comment"
}), ";; not comment", "comment in string OK");
is(scalar $ds->read(q{
; not comment
}), "\n; not comment\n", "comment in string OK (2)");
# Literal 0
is(scalar $ds->read(q{0}), 0);
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