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#!/usr/bin/env perl
use strict;
use warnings;
Test various options for reading, such as case folding.
use Test::More qw(no_plan);
use Data::SExpression;
my $ds = Data::SExpression->new({symbol_case => 'up'});
is(scalar $ds->read('foobarbaz'), \*::FOOBARBAZ);
is(scalar $ds->read('fooBARbaz'), \*::FOOBARBAZ);
$ds = Data::SExpression->new({symbol_case => 'down'});
is(scalar $ds->read('foobarbaz'), \*::foobarbaz);
is(scalar $ds->read('fooBARbaz'), \*::foobarbaz);
$ds = Data::SExpression->new({use_symbol_class => 1});
my $foobar = $ds->read('foobar');
isa_ok($foobar, 'Data::SExpression::Symbol');
is($foobar->name, 'foobar');
$ds = Data::SExpression->new({fold_dashes => 1});
no warnings 'once';
is(scalar $ds->read('with-open-file'), \*::with_open_file, "Folded dashes to underscores");
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