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Edit with Emacs is an extension for Google's Chrome(ium) browser family
that allows you to edit text areas on your browser in a more full
featured editor. It does this in conjunction with an "Edit Server"
which services requests by the browser. This is because extensions
cannot spawn new processes as a security measure.
Example edit servers can be found at the project homepage including a
native elisp version that can be run inside Emacs itself. There is no
reason why other server scripts could not spawn other editors.
This extension is licensed under the GPL v3 and development versions
can be found at:
Dave Hilley [1] wrote the original proof of concept that showed it
could be done. I [2] then hacked around with the Javascript to make
the behaviour more like the classic It's All Text add-on available to
Edit with Emacs is open source and is brought to you thanks to
contributions from the following people:
David Hilley
Alex Bennée
Riccardo Murri
Niels Giesen
Wei Hu
Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason
Chris Houser
Robert Goldman
Phil Pennock
Sudish Joseph
IRIE Shinsuke