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Building and installing librstpreload
make && sudo make install
will install `' into /usr/local/lib/
Using librstpreload
To run a program with librstpreload, use
LD_PRELOAD=/usr/local/lib/ <program>
Assuming the program makes use of localtime(), it should support
Random Standard Time when invoked this way. I reccomend you be careful
about using it indiscriminately: Things such as crontabs or outgoing
mail headers probably shouldn't be using RST.
Using `mkrst'
`make install' will install a `mkrst' script that can be used to
replace any application with a shell script that invokes the original
executable with LD_PRELOAD set appropriately. It's also Debian-aware,
so that if you're running on a Debian system, it will attempt to
dpkg-divert the original executable, so that dpkg knows it has moved.
To use it:
mkrst --make-rst $EXE
Will move $EXE to $EXE.distrib, and copy a shell script to $EXE that
invokes the original file with LD_PRELOAD set.
mkrst --remove $EXE
Will reverse the effects of mkrst --make-rst
mkrst --run $EXE ARGS
Will execute $EXE with the given arguments with LD_PRELOAD set, but
not change anything on disk.
sudo mkrst --make-rst /usr/lib/gnome-panel/clock-applet
Will convert the gnome clock applet to RST, assuming it's installed in
the same place my system puts it.
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