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A module for playing with kernel NULL pointer dereferences
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NULLDEREF -- A module for playing with kernel NULL pointer dereferences

This module should build against any remotely recent 2.6 kernel. To
build, you'll need the kernel headers for your kernel installed. On
Debian or Ubuntu, try:
 # apt-get install linux-headers-$(uname -r)
on Fedora, try:
 # yum install kernel-devel

Once you've got those, just run 'make' to produce a 'nullderef.ko'


nullderef uses debugfs to export its hooks. In order to you use it,
you'll need mount debugfs somewhere. /sys/kernel/debug is traditional,
so try (as root):

 # mount debugfs -t debugfs /sys/kernel/debug/

And then simply
 # insmod nullderef.ko

Once you're done crashing your kernel, if your machine is still
stable, you can remove the module using:
 # rmmod nullderef

You shuld now have a /sys/kernel/debug/nullderef/ directory,
containing two files, "null_read", and "null_call".

Writing to either of these files will result in a NULL pointer
dereference in the kernel. "null_read" will simply try to read a NULL
pointer. "null_call" will read a function pointer from the NULL
address, and then attempt to call through the resulting pointer.
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