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# Makefile for v8 static link
# 'make static' will download the v8 source and build it, then build plv8
# with statically link to v8 with snapshot. This assumes certain directory
# structure in v8 which may be different from version to another, but user
# can specify the v8 version by AUTOV8_VERSION, too.
AUTOV8_OUT = build/v8-$(AUTOV8_VERSION)/out/native
AUTOV8_LIB = $(AUTOV8_OUT)/libv8_snapshot.a
AUTOV8_STATIC_LIBS = libv8_base.a libv8_snapshot.a
SHLIB_LINK += $(addprefix $(AUTOV8_OUT)/, $(AUTOV8_STATIC_LIBS))
# We are sure the static buid can support debugger
all: $(AUTOV8_LIB)
# For some reason, this solves parallel make dependency.
plv8_config.h: $(AUTOV8_LIB)
mkdir -p build
curl -L '$(AUTOV8_VERSION).tar.gz' \
| tar zxf - -C build
$(MAKE) -C build/v8-$(AUTOV8_VERSION) dependencies
$(MAKE) -C build/v8-$(AUTOV8_VERSION) native
include Makefile
CCFLAGS += -I$(AUTOV8_DIR)/include
# We're gonna build static link. Rip it out after include Makefile
SHLIB_LINK := $(filter-out -lv8, $(SHLIB_LINK))