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Python bindings for the Zephyr messaging library
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Installing PyZephyr

To install PyZephyr, you will first need to install Pyrex_. It's
always a good idea to install Pyrex through your package manager, if
possible. Your system's Pyrex package may be named ``python-pyrex`` or
``pyrex-py25``. If your package manager doesn't have a package for
Pyrex, or if you wish to install Pyrex by hand anyway, you can do so
by running::

  $ easy_install Pyrex

Once you've done that, to install PyZephyr globally, run::

  $ python install

If you want to build PyZephyr without installing it globally, you may
want to run::

  $ python build_ext --inplace

which will build the C extensions in place next to their source,
allowing you to import the various modules, so long as your current
working directory is the root of the PyZephyr source tree.

.. _Pyrex:
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