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#define reg_ip ARM_pc
#define syscall_rv uregs[0]
#define syscall_arg0 uregs[0]
#define syscall_arg1 uregs[1]
#define syscall_arg2 uregs[2]
#define syscall_arg3 uregs[3]
#define syscall_arg4 uregs[4]
#define syscall_arg5 uregs[5]
static inline void arch_fixup_regs(struct user *user) {
user->regs.reg_ip -= 4;
static inline int arch_set_syscall(struct ptrace_child *child,
unsigned long sysno) {
return ptrace_command(child, PTRACE_SET_SYSCALL, 0, sysno);
static inline int arch_save_syscall(struct ptrace_child *child) {
unsigned long swi;
swi = ptrace_command(child, PTRACE_PEEKTEXT, child->user.regs.reg_ip);
if (child->error)
return -1;
if (swi == 0xef000000)
child->saved_syscall = child->user.regs.uregs[7];
child->saved_syscall = (swi & 0x000fffff);
return 0;
static inline int arch_restore_syscall(struct ptrace_child *child) {
return arch_set_syscall(child, child->saved_syscall);
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