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Add a note about terminal state after attaching with reptyr.

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@@ -16,17 +16,23 @@ USAGE
current terminal.
After attaching, the process will take input from and write output to
-the new terminal, including ^C and ^Z. Unfortunately, if you
+the new terminal, including ^C and ^Z. (Unfortunately, if you
background it, you will still have to run "bg" or "fg" in the old
terminal. This is likely impossible to fix in a reasonable way without
-patching your shell.
+patching your shell.)
After attaching, you may need to send a ^L or similar to ncurses
applications to force them to redraw themselves. With "less", after
attaching, a ^Z will cause it to both redraw and to set up the
terminal application keys so that you can scroll with arrow keys
+After attaching, your old terminal will probably be left in a strange
+state, since it will be waiting for the process to quit, but not
+getting any output. You can either background your process and do 'bg;
+disown', or just close the window -- reptyr should protect your
+process from being killed when you do so.
"But wait, isn't this just screenify?"

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