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fail with android repo #21

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The steps are:
repo forall -c 'git checkout -b XXX'
reptyr PID_OF_repo

The error log is:
[+] Allocated scratch page: 7f18b6fee000
[+] Looking up fds for tty in child.
[+] Resolved child tty: 8800
[+] Found an alias for the tty: 0
[+] Found an alias for the tty: 1
[+] Found an alias for the tty: 2
[+] Opened the new tty in the child: 4
[+] Target is not a session leader, attempting to setsid.
[+] Forked a child: 5115
[+] Change pgid for pid 4598
[+] Change pgid for pid 4617
[-] failed: Permission denied
[-] Failed to setsid: Operation not permitted
[+] Change pgid for pid 4598
[+] Change pgid for pid 5115
Unable to attach to pid 4598: Operation not permitted

BTW, i have changed /proc/sys/kernel/yama/ptrace_scope
cat /proc/sys/kernel/yama/ptrace_scope


Unfortunately, due to somewhat-arcane technical reasons, reptyr does not support attaching processes that make use of subprocesses (like repo). I've just pushed a commit which adds earlier checking and hopefully a somewhat-better error message in this case.

This limitation might be possible to partially work around with some more work, but unfortunately, I think the primitives Linux gives us makes it impossible to work fully-correctly :/

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