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Use obscure make syntax to make Debian packaging easier #14

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Debian wants to be able to inject a standard set of buildflags, some based on policy and some based on user input (for instance, -O2, unless DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS is set to noopt)

This patch lets me run "make CFLAGS=foo" and have that foo append, rather than override, the CFLAGS in your Makefile

@ebroder ebroder merged commit aa9fba3 into nelhage:master
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2 Makefile
@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
-CFLAGS=-Wall -Werror -D_GNU_SOURCE -g
+override CFLAGS+=-Wall -Werror -D_GNU_SOURCE -g
OBJS=reptyr.o ptrace.o attach.o
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