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***Installing Sexy Nerd Bot***
- Perl (SNB is tested and hosted off my box with perl 5.8.x, earlier versions may or may not work as well)
- Various perl modules, all available from CPAN:
-POE (
-DBI, and the DBD:Pg postgresql driver
- A working postgresql installation
***Setting up the bot
Assuming you have that, the first step is to set up the necessary
tables in the postgres database. create.sql should contain the
necessary statements, so
$psql -f create.sql
Should suffice to create the tables and load the default
permissions. SNB stores all of its data within the `MIT' schema; if
this bot comes into significant use outside of MIT, I'll change that.
Once that's done, rename data/config-example.ini to data/config.ini,
and modify it as appropriate, using your screen name and password, and
setting database options appropriately. Most of the options should be
self-explanatory. Bot.Log is an informative if terse log file, and
Bot.stdout and Bot.stderr are where standard output and error are
redirected if the bot is running as a daemon (which is the default).
***Running the bot
Simply execute perl or ./ (assuming your perl is
/usr/bin/perl) from the bot's root directory, and, assuming
everything is set up, it should launch and log onto the given account
and connect to the chat room specified in the config file. If
something goes wrong, errors should be written to the log file
(default mit.log) specified in the config. For TOC error codes, refer
to the document TOC.txt in this directory.
If you want to run the bot without it detaching from a terminal and
daemonizing, and without redirecting stdout or stderr, run it with a
--nodaemon or -n command-line option. Otherwise, any command-line
option is taken to be the path to an alternate configuration file
(other than data/config.ini)
When running, the bot writes its PID to, for convenience in
killing and signalling it. If it receives a SIGHUP, it will reload, as well as most of the contents of the data/
directory. (Except for the main configuration file)
Feel free to contact me for help, on AIM as hanjithearcher, or via
email at