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#!/usr/bin/env perl
use strict;
use warnings;
use Cwd;
use Fatal qw(chdir);
=head ABOUT
The purpose of this script is to perform a generic "Figure out what
you need to do to build the project in my cwd, and do it".
The main thing I use it for is as my `compile-command' in emacs. That
means that I can M-x compile virtually anywhere, and this script will
execute and usually do the right thing.
The algorithm it uses is quite simple. It has a list of build types,
and for each type, a list of filenames for makefiles. It recursively
walks up the directory tree until it finds a build file, and then
keeps walking until it finds the outermost directory containing that
one that contains a build file, and executes the build from there. The
latter step is necessary to ensure that projects with recursive
makefiles get built from the top-level.
my $langs = [
name => "make",
files => [qw(Makefile makefile GNUmakefile GNUMakefile)],
command => [qw(make)]
name => "haskell",
files => [qw(Setup.hs Setup.lhs)],
command => [qw(runhaskell %s)]
name => "java",
files => [qw(build.xml)],
command => [qw(ant -e)]
name => "scons",
files => [qw(SConstruct)],
command => [qw(scons -Q)]
name => "waf",
files => [qw(wscript)],
command => [qw(node-waf)]
name => "rake",
files => [qw(Rakefile)],
command => [qw(rake)]
my $dir = getcwd;
my $lang = undef;
my $file = undef;
sub has_makefile {
my $dir = shift;
for my $l (@$langs) {
next if $lang && $l->{name} ne $lang->{name};
for my $f (@{$l->{files}}) {
if(-e "$dir/$f") {
$lang = $l;
$file = $f;
return 1;
return 0;
while($dir && !has_makefile($dir)) {
$dir =~ s{/[^/]+$}{};
die("No makefile found") unless $dir;
my $prev_dir = $dir;
while($dir && has_makefile($dir)) {
$prev_dir = $dir;
$dir =~ s{/[^/]+$}{};
my @command = (@{$lang->{command}}, @ARGV);
@command = map {$_ =~ s{\%s}{$file}; $_} @command;
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