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Notes from course tought fall 2011

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These are my notes from the ml-class course tought over the
internet by Andrew Ng, fall 2011.

A PDF version of the document can be found at

To build the notes do

     sh bin/

and you will get a file called "notes.pdf" that you can enjoy.  
To clean up you can execute the script 

    sh bin/

and that will remove everything made by the build process.

If you have improvements, or suggestions please feel free to 
send me a note or clone the document on github and fix it

Disclaimer:  These are my personal notes. I typed them in
as I watched the course videos and have only to a very limited
extent cleaned them up afterwards.  Consequently there will be
a lot of things that can be improved.  I may or may not get
around to fix this, but most likely I will not, so caveat
reader and every little piece of help is much appreciated.

ps: If you are rmz, then it might be of interest to
    use the script bin/ that will deploy the 
    built notes.pdf file to
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