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# intropolis

PLEASE NOTE: [Snaptron]( by [Wilks et al.]( is a query tool for making sense of splicing across thousands of RNA-seq samples. It subsumes intropolis v1. If you are looking for the raw data behind Snaptron, see In particular, the SQLite files comprising an "intropolis v2" compilation spanning ~50,000 RNA-seq samples on SRA are available at

`intropolis` is a list of exon-exon junctions found across 21,504 human RNA-seq samples on the [Sequence Read Archive]( (SRA) from spliced read alignment to *hg19* with [Rail-RNA]( Five files are provided:

A. [intropolis.v1.hg19.tsv.gz]( : a 6.6-GB gzipped TSV (18.3 GB uncompressed) with fields

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