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stof commented May 29, 2012

When using the FOSRestBundle custom actions, they all end up in the others part of the doc as they don't have the same url than the main resource. Thus, the list and the individual item are different resources and are separated. It would be good to have sections to group actions together. This way, the other part would be splitted into each section, staying with the other actions applied on the same objects.
And the bundle would define a default section containing all methods which don't have a section defined (which could be done at the class level once #3 is implemented)


drgomesp commented Feb 6, 2013

Any updates on this?


drgomesp commented Feb 13, 2013

#133 refers exactly to this, @Seldaek . Any updates guys?


drgomesp commented Feb 14, 2013


Can you check if #138 solves this in any way?


willdurand commented Mar 17, 2013

Done thanks to @drgomesp (don't forget the doc ;-))

willdurand closed this Mar 17, 2013

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