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Add support for 'collection' type in both the doc and the sandbox #59

willdurand opened this Issue · 7 comments

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Nelmio member

No description provided.


Is this about the array=true option of @QueryParam? I may be working on it soon!


Anyone make progress on this?


This issue is reslved and references 213 while 213 is resolved and references this issue?

Nelmio member

No. The other one is a duplicate entry. That one is the one to resolve.


@willdurand do you have a lead? I want to help solving this issue.


@AlmogBaku The field type collection is currently displayed as below. Ideally it would display a collection of fields of the correct field type.

screen shot 2015-10-07 at 22 50 12

Also, 'required' isn't recognised when set in the options array:

$builder->add('tagged', 'collection', [
    'type' => 'integer',
    'options'  => [
        'required'  => false,
    'description' => 'IDs of users tagged in this post',
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