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Movie Prophet


Data Science meets Hollywood

Movie Prophet is a predictive engine that forecasts the box office revenue given a movie proposal.

The project done in partnership with Boston Consulting Group - Digital Ventures will enable the stakeholders to have a competitive edge by investing in successful ventures. This novel solution will assist BCG - DV and their client partners by providing data-driven insights for making key investment decisions.

The project encompasses end to end spectrum of data science - web scraping for collecting the data, data wrangling, building machine learning algorithms and data visualization. The final deliverable will be a dashboard that will empower the stakeholders to make digital media investment decisions. Currently, investment decisions are made based on industry experience and perceived notion of success. Movie Prophet will be a value add to the stakeholders by supporting the business decisions with powerful machine learning techniques having improved precision and accuracy.

Tech Stack:

  • Front end - HTML, CSS, Javascript, Ajax
  • Back end - Python
  • Server - Flask
  • Cloud Service - AWS
  • DB - MySQL
  • Tools used - Jupyter Notebook

Video Pitch:



Nelson Dsouza Linkedin | Email

Maria George Linkedin | Email

Saurabh Seth Linkedin | Email

Please feel free to contribute to this project