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Building the Google homepage from scratch
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This is an Odin Project challenge to recreate the Google Homepage from scratch using nothing but HTML and CSS.

This project involves making my first HTML+CSS website from scratch, featuring a waterfall of tears, research, self-repairing my laptop screen (don't ask), and loads of accomplishment when I can position some text where I want it.

In reflection, I definitely know I have a lot to learn. Most notably, I have a LOT to learn about CSS Specificity and Hierarchy. The HTML aspect was relatively easy and natural for me. I think a lot of the difficulty stemmed from applying Google's CSS style to a document in which it's HTML structure was entirely different.

I originally wanted to do this entire project with

's, but that didn't work out. I needed to completely restructure how I wanted to go about doing this, so I forced myself to utilize way more tags. It ended up working out for the better.

I definitely used's HTML and CSS cheatsheets (listed below). A lot of inspiration and frustration elimination was gleaned from looking to Alonso Gonzalez's solution to this project, of which is also linked below.

HTML Cheatsheet: CSS Cheatsheet: Alonso Gonzalez's HTML Code: CSS Code:

I definitely am eager to learn more, apply CSS more cleanly, and move forward from here!

From The Odin Project's curriculum

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