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Android App for speaking the Ticket Type or Pass Type of attendees checking in. (EventBrite Android Only)
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Currently only works with EventBrite Organizer. WIP

This Android App speaks the Ticket Type or Pass Type of attendees checking in.

Instead of having to squint at the tiny text saying the Ticket Type or Pass Type, this App will read it out loud after scanning.

In the image below, the phone will say "Sunday Pass" right after the Eventbrite success chime.

Debug View of what's going to be read out


  • Download/Install the APK from GitHub Releases.
  • Open the App. It'll take you to a Settings page to enable the PassShout service.
  • Enable the PassShout service.
  • Scan an unchecked-in ticket/pass in in the Eventbrite Organizer.
    • There is a "debounce" mechanism to prevent saying the same pass type twice for every unique barcode.


  • Uninstall the App after the event. The App is implemented in a low-power and efficient manner but the nature of its implementation means it can stay running unless uninstalled.


Written after Socal Retro Gaming Expo 2019 which has ticket types of:

  • Saturday Pass
  • Weekend Pass
  • Sunday Pass
  • Kid Pass
    • Not scanned in

Saturdays are always the most hectic. And some attendees bought a Weekend Pass for themselves but a Saturday pass for their partner.

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