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Gooey PyInstaller Demo

As seen at DesertPy Show And Tell 2018-08-08.


In order from minimum to more.

  • non-gui-non-portable - Your plain old arg-parse usin' Python script. What most of you all start with.
  • lean-gui - The bare minimum to get a GUI from Gooey.
  • some-gui - Using Gooey's enhanced Argument Parser
  • meaty-gui - Demo adding a progress bar with a regex and expression in Gooey.
  • portable-app - PyInstaller definitions to make the GUI-ized portable
  • portable-app-win - Fixes for Windows's buffered output with Gooey
  • ci-azure - Build configuration for building redistributables on Azure Pipelines for Windows and macOS.
    • Build Status
    • Linux has troubles. Not sure how to fix yet.

To check out these different stages, just run git checkout <tagname>. Be aware this is not on any of those tags.

Check it Out! This is a only a very small subset and demo.

Gooey can do a lot more, so go check out their repo!

Same goes for Pyinstaller!


It's so small, but consider this dual licensed under MIT / Apache 2.0. Have fun.


Gooey, PyInstaller, and Azure Devops Demo. GUI'd and Package'd Python command line apps for macOS and Windows. Going from Argparse to GUI to EXE/.app fast.




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