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Nuxeo Dart

Dart Client Library for Nuxeo API

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Dart client library for the Nuxeo Automation and REST API.

The library can work in a browser, or in the console using the same API.

Getting started

Try It

  • Start the Dart Editor
  • Create a new Dart project
  • Add the nuxeo_client dependency to your pubspec.yaml file.
  nuxeo_client: any
  • Import the nuxeo_client library:
    • For browser applications use:
import 'package:nuxeo_client/browser_client.dart' as nuxeo;
- For standalone/console applications use:
import 'package:nuxeo_client/standalone_client.dart' as nuxeo;
  • Create your client:
var nx = new nuxeo.Client()
  • Call some operations, for instance:
  .then((docs) {
  • Checkout the docs for more.


API Reference

Running the TCK

Nuxeo provides a TCK (Test Compatibility Kit) that can be used to test the implementation of an automation client library.

You can run the Dart Automation Client TCK with your own Nuxeo server (version >= 5.8).


nuxeoctl mp-install nuxeo-rest-api --accept true

Standalone Nuxeo Client

  • Start Nuxeo server
  • Run the console tests harness at test/console_test_harness.dart
  • Check the console output for the test results

Browser Nuxeo Client

Setup CORS

  • Add a CORS config contribution to allow Dartium to do cross-domain requests to your Nuxeo server:
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<component name="org.nuxeo.ecm.platform.web.dart.tck">
 <extension target="org.nuxeo.ecm.platform.web.common.requestcontroller.service.RequestControllerService" point="corsConfig">
    <corsConfig name="dartTCK" allowOrigin="" supportedMethods="GET,POST,HEAD,OPTIONS,PUT,DELETE">
    <corsConfig name="dartTCKApi" allowOrigin="" supportedMethods="GET,POST,HEAD,OPTIONS,PUT,DELETE">

You can just put it in a *-config.xml file in nxserver/config or create a custom template (don't forget to update nuxeo.conf).

You can check if CORS is working properly with curl:

curl --verbose -u Administrator:Administrator -H "Origin:" -H "Access-Control-Request-Method: POST" -H "Access-Control-Request-Headers: X-Requested-With" -X OPTIONS http://localhost:8080/nuxeo/site/automation

Run the TCK

  • Start Nuxeo server

  • Run the console based tests

    dart test/console_test_harness.dart

  • Run the browser tests harness at test/browser_test_harness.dart

    use 'Run in Dartium' from Dart Editor

  • Check the browser for the test results


About Nuxeo

Nuxeo provides a modular, extensible Java-based [open source software platform for enterprise content management] 1 and packaged applications for [document management] 2, [digital asset management] 3 and [case management] 4. Designed by developers for developers, the Nuxeo platform offers a modern architecture, a powerful plug-in model and extensive packaging capabilities for building content applications.

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A Nuxeo Automation client in Dart




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