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Use yUML to generate Rails diagrams using RailRoad and Shoes
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Fork from dmitry < nelsonsilva to adapt/improve some things (according to my working style).


This is a simple plugin that adds Rake tasks to display model diagrams for RoR apps.

It uses an extended RailRoad to output yUML diagrams which are drawn using the service at yUML

There's also a small Shoes app to display the downloaded diagram.



  • Shoes (if you want to use the show-task)
  • Rake >= 0.8.0 (or remove the 'arg' in the rake task yUMLmeRails:download)


  • Just clone this into vendor/plugins

Usage (rake -T)

  • rake yUMLmeRails:download # Download yUML model diagram to doc/diagrams
  • rake yUMLmeRails:show # Show model diagram
  • rake yUMLmeRails:url # Get yUML URL

Feel free to do whatever you want with the code but please share your results with us.

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