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Disable space.vim remappings for search.

Running something like:


would delete the specified text, and go into insert mode, but it would
always enter the text 'zv'. I can live without space.vim remapping
<Space>/<S-Space> to n/N, so I've disabled that mapping. This fixes the
issue described above.
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1 parent bccf2d8 commit 6b03f6a4b297423d786845182f2f3d22ec6f9d16 @nelstrom committed Mar 30, 2011
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@@ -391,6 +391,7 @@ omap ia <Plug>(textobj-entire-i)
" }}}
" Space.vim {{{2
let g:space_disable_select_mode=1
+let g:space_no_search = 1
" Modelines: {{{1
" vim: nowrap fdm=marker

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