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My dotfiles. Mainly customisations for Vim and Bash.

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git clone git://

Where possible, Vim plugins are installed as git submodules. Check these out by running the commands:

cd dotfiles
git submodule init
git submodule update

Create symlinks:

ln -s ~/dotfiles/bashrc ~/.bashrc
ln -s ~/dotfiles/vimrc ~/.vimrc
ln -s ~/dotfiles/gvimrc ~/.gvimrc
ln -s ~/dotfiles/irbrc ~/.irbrc
ln -s ~/dotfiles/vim ~/.vim
ln -s ~/dotfiles/ctags ~/.ctags
ln -s ~/dotfiles/jshintrc ~/.jshintrc

I put Vim's backup and swap files in ~/tmp, so that directory must exist. To be sure, run:

mkdir ~/tmp


My preferences for Vim are stored in dotfiles/vimrc and dotfiles/gvimrc respectively. All plugins and scripts are stored in the dotfiles/vim directory.

Adding Plugin Bundles

Plugins that are published on github can be installed as submodules. For example, to install the JavaScript bundle, follow these steps:

cd ~/dotfiles
git submodule add vim/bundle/vim-javascript

This will update the .gitmodules file by appending something like:

[submodule "vim/bundle/vim-javascript"]
    path = vim/bundle/vim-javascript
    url =

As well as checkout out the git repo into the vim/bundle/vim-javascript directory. You can then commit these changes as follows:

git add .
git ci -m "Added the javascript bundle"


The command-t extension require Vim with ruby support, and furthermore, the ruby code depends on a C extension for extra speed. The usual pathogen installation proceedure didn't work for me, but I followed these steps to make it work:

cd ~/dotfiles/vim/bundle/command-t/ruby/command-t
ruby extconf.rb

That did the trick.


My preferences for IRB customisations are stored in dotfiles/irbrc. To get the most from these, you should install the interactive_editor and awesome_print gems, by running:

gem install interactive_editor awesome_print
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