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@@ -90,22 +90,22 @@ There are a number of interesting benefits gained by this approach:
rake db:migrate:extensions
Or, if you prefer to be more specific to this extension:
- rake radiant:extensions:styles_n_scripts:migrate
+ rake radiant:extensions:sns:migrate
3. Copy the needed images into Radiant's /public/images directory using:
- rake radiant:extensions:styles_n_scripts:update
+ rake radiant:extensions:sns:update
4. (Optional) Configure your stylesheet and javascript directories. By default
The Styles 'n Scripts serves your stylesheets and javascripts out of the
/css and /js folders respectively. You can change these locations via the
"config" rake task:
- rake radiant:extensions:styles_n_scripts:config
+ rake radiant:extensions:sns:config
5. (Optional) Configure your stylesheet and javascript content (MIME) types.
Again, you use the Rake "config" task.
6. (Optional) Set a different location for the cache directory. This is set in
- The styles_n_scripts_extension.rb file using TEXT_ASSET_CACHE_DIR
+ The sns_extension.rb file using TEXT_ASSET_CACHE_DIR

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