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Tweaked JavaScript styles.

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1 parent bf627c6 commit 8c0065ef0f7da7126aa99201f8ba2a5ebb6340b7 @nelstrom committed Sep 24, 2010
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6 colors/mac_classic.vim
@@ -140,11 +140,13 @@ hi link htmlH6 htmlH1
" JavaScript: {{{1
hi javaScriptFunction guifg=#1E39F6 gui=bold
-hi javaScriptFuncName guifg=#0000A2 gui=bold
+hi javaScriptFuncName guifg=#318495 gui=italic
+hi javaScriptLabel guifg=#0000A2 gui=bold
hi javaScriptRailsFunction guifg=#3C4C72 gui=bold
-hi javaScriptLabel guifg=#000000 gui=none
hi javaScriptType guifg=#318495 gui=none
hi javaScriptArgument guifg=#318495 gui=italic
+hi javaScriptRegexpString guifg=#E18AC7 gui=NONE
+hi javaScriptSpecial guifg=#00BC41 gui=NONE
" NOTE: Syntax Highlighting for javascript doesn't match the
" TextMate version very accurately, because the javascript
" syntax file does not create matches for some items. In

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