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1 parent 4283083 commit ec6727999e628c4a7ad18f52525826af9eaecf5e @nelstrom committed Sep 20, 2010
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  1. +9 −3 colors/mac_classic.vim
@@ -124,10 +124,16 @@ hi erubyRailsMethod guifg=#3C4C72 gui=bold
" HTML: {{{1
hi htmlTag guifg=#1E39F6
-hi htmlEndTag guifg=#1E39F6
-hi htmlTagName guifg=#1E39F6
-hi htmlArg guifg=#1E39F6
+hi link htmlEndTag htmlTag
+hi link htmlTagName htmlTag
+hi link htmlArg htmlTag
hi htmlSpecialChar guifg=#D51015 gui=bold
+hi htmlH1 gui=bold
+hi link htmlH2 htmlH1
+hi link htmlH3 htmlH1
+hi link htmlH4 htmlH1
+hi link htmlH5 htmlH1
+hi link htmlH6 htmlH1
" JavaScript: {{{1
hi javaScriptFunction guifg=#1E39F6 gui=bold

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