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+*markdown-folding.txt* For Vim version 7.3 Last change: 2012 Oct 26
+CONTENTS *markdown-folding*
+Introduction |markdown-folding-introduction|
+ Stacked folding |markdown-folding-stacked|
+ Nested folding |markdown-folding-nested|
+Configuration |markdown-folding-configuration|
+ Overriding the default style |g:markdown_fold_style|
+ Switching fold style |markdown-folding-:FoldToggle|
+INTRODUCTION *markdown-folding-introduction*
+This plugins enables you to fold markdown documents by section headings. It
+recognizes both styles of heading that markdown permits, namely:
+ # h1 signaled by one hash symbol
+ ## h2 signaled by two hash symbols
+ ### h3 etc. (up to h6)
+As well as:
+ h1 signaled by '=' underline
+ ============================
+ h2 signaled by '-' underline
+ ----------------------------
+Two different folding styles are supported: stacked (the default) and nested.
+ *markdown-folding-stacked*
+The stacked folding style creates a flat list of sections. When all folds are
+closed, the outline resembles a fully expanded table of contents. That is, h1,
+h2, h3 etc. headings are all represented equally.
+Implementation details: all sections (h1, h2, h3 etc.) initiate a fold with
+ *markdown-folding-nested*
+The nested folding style creates a heirarchical list of sections. When all
+folds are closed (by pressing |zM| or running :set foldlevel=0), the outline
+resembles a table of contents (ToC) that only shows h1 sections.
+Opening the h1 folds (by running :set foldlevel=1) reveals the content of that
+section, with any h2 sections outlined as a ToC.
+Opening an h2 fold (by running :set foldlevel=2) reveals the content of that
+section, with any h3 sections outlined as a ToC. And so on...
+Implementation details: h1 sections initiate a fold with foldlevel=1, h2
+sections initiate a fold with foldlevel=2, and so on.
+CONFIGURATION *markdown-folding-configuration*
+The stacked folding style is the default.
+ *g:markdown_fold_style*
+To make the nested folding style the default, put this in your |vimrc|
+ let g:markdown_fold_style = 'nested'
+ *markdown-folding-:FoldToggle*
+You can switch between the stacked and nested folding styles by running
+the command:>
+ :FoldToggle
+The fold style is scoped to each window, which means it's possible to use the
+stacked folding style in one split window, and the nested folding style in
+ vim:tw=78:ts=8:ft=help:norl:

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