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vim-markdown-preview adds the option to preview markdown documents in the browser from the vim editor.
The web page it opens is loosely styled on how GitHub would render README.mkd.



  • Option 1
    Cloning this repository is one option, and the master branch should always be in a working state.

  • Option 2
    You can download versioned releases from the downloads page.

Automatic installation
vim-markdown-preview is bundled with an installer script which will install to $HOME/.vim/plugin/



Send vim the command :Mm for a preview of your markdown document.
Alternatively, bind :Mm to a key binding: map <leader>p :Mm<CR>


  • vim
  • Ruby support for vim.
  • kramdown (bundled with this package)


vim-markdown-preview was written to run on OSX, and it will work w/o problems.
I recommend the safari browser because it will not open new tabs needlessly if a document is already loaded in an existing tab/window.


vim-markdown-preview is tied to the OSX command open.
You will need to replace it with something else - firefox-bin, for example, for it to work on your operating system.


  • Mathias Billman
    This is an enitrely rewritten version of the vim script originally written by Mathias Billman and found here.

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  • maba


No known bugs right now. Found a bug?.


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