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snippet chapter
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE chapter SYSTEM "local/xml/markup.dtd">
<chapter id="chp.${1:`substitute(Filename('', 'ChapterId'), '^.', '\u&', '')`}">
snippet ref
<ref linkend="${1}"/>
snippet sec
snippet seci
<sect${1:1} id="${2}">
snippet p
snippet footnote
snippet epigraph
snippet bq
snippet sb
<sidebar id="sb.${1}">
snippet joe
snippet hl
snippet img
<figure id="fig.${1}">
<imagedata fileref="${3:imagePath}" align="${6:center}"/>
snippet var
snippet class
snippet m
snippet ma
<methodname args="${2:}">${1:methodName}</methodname>${3}
snippet om
snippet oma
<objcmethodname args="${2:}">${1:methodName}</objcmethodname>${2}
snippet em
snippet const
snippet acro
snippet kw
snippet elide
snippet lelide
snippet fname
snippet frac
snippet pow
<raise power="${2}">${1:term}</raise>${3}
snippet low
<lower subscript="${2}">${1:term}</lower>${3}
snippet a
snippet aq
snippet miss
snippet code
<code language="${1:lang}">
snippet cfile
<code file="${1:filename}"/>${2}
snippet cpart
<code file="${1:filename}" part="${2:partId}"/>${3}
snippet cpat
<code file="${1:filename}" start="${2:startPattern} end="${3:endPattern}"/>${4}
snippet ic
snippet cref
<cref linkend="${1}"/>${2}
snippet li
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