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@@ -23,6 +23,15 @@ Installing [SnipMate][s] will enable you to use TextMate-style snippets. This pm
Follow the installation instructions on the [SnipMate project page][s], or use the [github mirror of SnipMate][sg] to install with Pathogen.
+Auto-generate pairs of XML tags with [RagTag][]
+Install the [RagTag][] plugin to get smart tag completion. These commands are particularly useful:
+ <C-X><Space> create an inline tag from the word in front of the cursor
+ <C-X><CR> create a block level tag from the word in front of the cursor
+ <C-X>/ insert the closing tag for the previous unpaired opening tag
Generate a table of contents per chapter
@@ -117,3 +126,4 @@ Written and maintained by Drew Neil, with contributions from:

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