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xml syntax/indenting isn't loaded #4

davetron5000 opened this Issue · 2 comments

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Despite this line being in ftplugin/pml.vim:

runtime! syntax/xml.vim

I get no syntax highlighting. If I add this to my .vimrc:

au BufEnter *.pml runtime syntax/xml.vim

it works.

Similarly, I must add

au BufEnter *.pml runtime indent/xml.vim

to get indenting to work.

I setup my vim from scratch using pathogen, with these plugins:

  • Command-T/
  • scala-vim-support/
  • snipmate.vim/
  • textile.vim/
  • vim-bufexplorer/
  • vim-cucumber/
  • vim-git/
  • vim-haml/
  • vim-markdown/
  • vim-matchit/
  • vim-pml/
  • vim-ruby/
  • vim-taglist/
  • vim-xml-autons/

Thanks for reporting this. I've been able to reproduce the behaviour that you describe sporadically. I'll look further into it.

@tswicegood tswicegood referenced this issue from a commit in tswicegood/vim-pml
@tswicegood tswicegood Taking a stab at fixing (monkey patching at least) issue #4
This bugs me to know end and is always present in my MacVim 7.3 setup.
I don't think there's a downside to calling it again in the instances
where it works.

My apologies for neglecting this. There are actually two separate issues here: the syntax is not being loaded, and the indentation is not being loaded.

Although the commit message suggests that I was actually tackling another issue at the time, I think that this commit should have fixed the issue with syntax loading.

This patch from @tswicegood should fix the remaining issue with the xml indentation. It turns out that the reason I wasn't able to reproduce the issue was because another plugin was enabling XML indentation for me. When I disabled the ragtag plugin, I experienced the same issue.

@davetron5000: could you try updating to the latest version of pml.vim and removing these lines from your vimrc:

au BufEnter *.pml runtime syntax/xml.vim
au BufEnter *.pml runtime indent/xml.vim

If this issue has been resolved, you shouldn't need them.

@nelstrom nelstrom closed this
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