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@@ -26,8 +26,19 @@ So to run the `basic.input` tests, you would run:
cd ~/dotfiles/vim/textobj-rubyblock
../vspec/bin/vspec test/basic.input ../vspec/ ../textobj-user/ .
+Generating a vimball
+To distribute the script on [][s] wrap it up as a vimball by following these steps:
+* open the file `vimballer` in Vim
+* set the variable `g:vimball_home` to the development directory of this plugin (e.g. run: `:let g:vimball_home='~/dotfiles/vim/bundle/textobj-rubyblock'`)
+* visually select all lines in `vimballer` file
+* run `'<,'>MkVimball! textobj-rubyblock.vba`
+That should create a file called `textobj-rubyblock.vba` which you can upload to [][s].

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