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Document how to run the vspec test suite.

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@@ -2,4 +2,31 @@ A custom text object for selecting ruby blocks.
Depends on Kana's [textobj-user plugin][u].
+Test suite requires [vspec][] (also by Kana).
+Running the specs
+To run the specs, you call vspec as follows:
+ vspec {input-script} [{non-standard-runtimepath} ...]
+In this case, the non-standard runtimepath must include the vspec plugin, the textobj-user plugin (which is a dependency for this plugin) and this plugin.
+Assuming you use [pathogen][] to manage your plugins, then the plugins required to run the test suite will be found in the following locations:
+ ~/dotfiles
+ /vim
+ /textobj-user
+ /textobj-rubyblock
+ /vspec
+So to run the `basic.input` tests, you would run:
+ cd ~/dotfiles/vim/textobj-rubyblock
+ ../vspec/bin/vspec test/basic.input ../vspec/ ../textobj-user/ .

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