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if...elsif...else blocks #2

telemachus opened this Issue Dec 27, 2010 · 1 comment

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This is related to my other issue (on begin...rescue blocks), but distinct enough to separate, I think.

At the moment, the handling of complex if...elsif etc. blocks is counter-intuitive. Ideally they would work just as the nested blocks in your readme. That is, you could select the entire if block or use ir to narrow in on just part of the larger block. However, because the plugin relies on indentation (I think) to figure out where it is, this doesn't seem possible. There may be nothing to do about it, and you may not want this behavior anyhow, but it might be worth mentioning in the readme (either as a limitation or as a design choice).


Closing this. The plugin does not rely on indentation. I had another plugin that was confusing me. (See here for details if you're hideously bored.)

This issue was closed.
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