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The plugin misbehaves when blocks contain postfix-if expressions. For example, on the following code:

def hello
  foo = 3
  world if foo == bar

placing the cursor on the second line and pressing var selects only that line.

MSch commented Dec 28, 2010

Another example, neither ar nor ir work:

def adjust_format_for_istar
  request.format = :iphone if iphone?
  request.format = :ipad if ipad?
  request.format = :js if request.xhr?

Thanks for reporting this. I can reproduce the behaviour you've described, and I'll look in to it.


Fixed: 22b3424

Pushing version 0.0.2 with this fix:

MSch commented Dec 29, 2010

Hi, thanks for the quick fix! At first I thought you forgot the unless postfix, but I see you've added that too! Thanks again!


No problem. It was a pretty crucial oversight, so I made it top priority.

I've added an 'unless' block to my (manual) test file, but I have yet to add it to the list of block-opening delimiters. So if you use a postfix unless, it should cause no problems, but if you use a multi-line unless block, it will be ignored. I'll add support for unless at a later date... One thing at a time.

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