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make VAM automatically find dependencies #12

merged 1 commit into from 8 months ago

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Marc Weber Drew Neil
Marc Weber

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Drew Neil nelstrom merged commit 98db97c into from
Drew Neil

Sorry it took me so long to approve this! I just read an article on How to support all Vim plugin managers which prompted me to revisit your pull request.


Marc Weber
Drew Neil

That URL is broken.

Drew Neil

I know what you mean. It would be good if one plugin manager became a de facto standard, but for now it feels like the wild west.

I've just merged this PR which informs NeoBundle of the dependency on textobj-user. I also plan on supporting VimFlavor, since it forms part of the toolchain that I'm using for testing this plugin.

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  1 +{ 'dependencies': { 'textobj-user' : {} } }

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