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A custom text object for selecting ruby blocks.
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A custom text object for selecting ruby blocks.

Depends on Kana's textobj-user plugin.

Test suite requires vspec (also by Kana).

Running the specs

To run the specs, you call vspec as follows:

vspec {input-script} [{non-standard-runtimepath} ...]

In this case, the non-standard runtimepath must include the vspec plugin, the textobj-user plugin (which is a dependency for this plugin) and this plugin.

Assuming you use pathogen to manage your plugins, then the plugins required to run the test suite will be found in the following locations:


So to run the basic.input tests, you would run:

cd ~/dotfiles/vim/textobj-rubyblock
../vspec/bin/vspec test/basic.input ../vspec/ ../textobj-user/ .
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