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Getting started

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Download this batch file and run it. It will fetch the repository, create Visual Studio solution and open it. Build the solution and run it.

Note: the batch script needs git and Visual Studio accessible from command line, i.e in PATH.

Video tutorial


  • 64bit version only
  • Visual Studio 2019 on Windows
  • Git client (not required, but preferred)

How to compile Lumix Engine on Windows (64bit only)

  1. Download source code using git client or download the source code from github using web browser
  2. Execute start.bat (Visual Studio 2019) located in directory projects in the source code
  • Many files should be generated in projects/tmp/vs2019 directory, one of them is LumixEngine.sln
  1. start.bat should automatically open the solution in Visual Studio
  2. Build the solution
  3. run the studio project

Stable version

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