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The best ECS library, ever.


  • it can run Crysis
  • 2nd generation ECS system
  • as fast as it gets
  • 0 dependencies
  • fast compile times
  • small and simple API
  • DOD friendly
  • no unnecessary allocations
  • fully commented source code
  • it solves the tab/space problem
  • multiplatform, can run on Windows, Linux, Mac, Phones, Consoles, Raspberry Pi, Arduinos, ...
  • supports most data layouts
  • 100% customizable
  • easy to rewrite in rust
  • easy to make bindings, it's pure C
  • it's ECS library your grandma would use
  • made by Stable Genius

Single header libraries suck so this is not one. There is a cpp file.

How to use it:

  1. include lent.h and lent.c in your project
  2. enjoy

See samples for more info

License: GPL-3.0, slightly modified; contact me for commercial licenses $$$

Similar projects:


  • skypjack - idea of making the library no single header library
  • hugoam - he pointed out that I forgot to mention that lent is 2nd generation ECS
  • AmishRacecar -for completely meaningless comment on reddit