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Global Climate Dashboard

This repository contains the source code for the Global Climate Dashboard that appears on the home page of

To run your own local copy, after cloning the respository you must run the command

git submodule update --init --recursive

to download the project dependencies. After that, you can simply point your browser at the file index.html to view the dashboard.

The build subdirectory contains a copy of the application code and all its required dependencies and assets, packaged in a self-contained form. To deploy the dashboard to a server, simply copy the contents of the build directory to a directory on the server.

To rebuild everything in the build subdirectory after updating the code or data, Apache Ant is required. After installing Ant, the command ant build will regenerate everything in the build directory.

Note that the version of this application that runs on is part of a custom Drupal module that allows the dashboard configuration and data sets to be managed from the Drupal administrative interface; that module references this repository as a dependency and does not use the copy of the data sets or graph configurations that are included here.


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