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Boot2Docker Post Installation Tools

  • Boot2Docker environment automatic setup
  • Automatic nsenter install and configuration
  • Useful Docker command line alias
  • Use docker-enter from terminal

Usage & Installation

Installation for Z Shell.

docker run --rm -v ~/:/target nematix/boot2docker-tool && source ~/.zshrc

Installation for Bash Shell user.

docker run --rm -v ~/:/target nematix/boot2docker-tool && source ~/.profile

We can use docker-enter direct from terminal without boot2docker ssh

docker-enter web

Several command alias for docker have been install

# get last running container
> dlc

# docker ps
> dps

# docker ps -a
> dpsa

# remove exited container
> drm

# remove orphaned images
> drmi

Boot2Docker hostname based access can be stup using following command, later we can access all container using hostname eg; http://dockers:49164/


Hack & Slash

Any comment, suggestion & pull request are welcomed. Container have been developed and tested on OSX, for Windows user please let me know if it working.