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This repository provides Vala bindings to various libraries which do not provide their own bindings, and for which valac does not provide bindings.


In most cases it is preferable for libraries to ship their own bindings (some of the reasons why, as well as information on how to do so, are at Vala Binding's Upstream Guide. Some libraries, however, are unable or unwilling to do so. Other bindings are distributed with valac, but generally that is reserved for relatively popular libraries with well structured VAPIs and have a fairly strong aversion to breaking backwards compatibility.

Bindings included in this repository are meant to be copied into your project or used as a git submodule or subtree, and are not intended to be installed system-wide or packaged by distributions. This means that projects choose when to upgrade bindings instead of having the bindings upgraded for them when a new version of Vala is installed, which means backwards incompatible changes are allowed in this repository.

Unlike valac, where submissions are carefully screened before inclusion, the barrier to entry for this repository is quite low. Pretty much the only thing which would preclude inclusion is a licensing issue. Contributors need not commit to maintaining the bindings, preserving backwards compatibility, testing, etc. With that in mind, this repository provides a good stable, central location for bindings.


Because the bindings shipped in this repository provide no backwards-compatibility promises, it is designed to be used as a git submodule. If that is not acceptable (for example, if you don't use git), it is recommended you simply copy the bindings you need into your source tree.

Submitting Bindings For Inclusion

If you have bindings which you would like to see housed in this repository, simply submit an issue to Gitlab:


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