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  • #33 Events
  • #34 LDAP authentication
  • #38 Cloning of branches within a project
  • #93 Cloning of a project


  • #37 Authentication for Git repositories
  • #75 Move the project name filter to the left, on top of the project list
  • #77 Encryption of passwords in configurations
  • #82 Add signature on the build page
  • #84 Grant the Release property edition rights to promoters
  • #85 Better specification of replacements for the copy of a branch
  • #95 Use only one set of replacements for clone and copy operations


  • #47 Validation stamps Jenkins decorations are not refreshed
  • #74 Log messages order in admin console must be from the most recent to the oldest
  • #76 Last promotion must be computed according to the build ID, not the promotion date or ID
  • #80 Cannot launch indexation job when job ID too complex
  • #83 When there is no project, the filter field and the description should be hidden
  • #89 Display login errors
  • #91 Exclude field for the export of issue change log must accept commas
  • #94 BadCredentials errors are not logged for GitHub


  • In order to support the encryption of configurations, the database must be migrated. You'd better take a backup of the database before migrating. See the Wiki backup page for details.