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PHP library to communicate with FinTS/HBCI servers
PHP Shell
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PHP FinTS/HBCI library

Build Status

❗️Note: The current developer version contains changes to the parameters of FinTs::_construct! Release 1.6 still uses the old format. ❗️

A PHP library implementing the following functions of the FinTS/HBCI protocol:

  • Get accounts
  • Get bank parameters
  • Get balance
  • Get transactions
  • Get standing orders
  • Delete standing order
  • Execute direct debit
  • Execute transfer

Forked from mschindler83/fints-hbci-php

Getting Started

Install via composer:

composer require nemiah/php-fints


Before using this library, you have to register your software with Die Deutsche Kreditwirtschaft in order to get your registration number. See the examples in the "Samples" folder. Fill out the required configuration and execute the file.

Server details can be obtained at after registration.

Special usage

My goal for this library was to be able to execute automatic direct debits with m(obile)TAN.


Contributions are welcome!

Bank compatibility

Please update the file and send a pull request if you successfully tested this library with your bank.

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